Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To develop socially competent, culturally accepted, nationally recognized, and educationally fitted with demands of global trends in the field of Teachers’ Education. 

Our Mission

1. To prepare the teachers of high calibre for all levels of Education in tune with the national and international goals.

2. To train the teachers as leaders of the emerging society with sense of public responsibility.

3. To produce the teachers with knowledge and character, ideals and aspirations, attitude and motivation.

4. To enable the teachers to become good innovators.

5. To equip the teachers with motivation for manifold activities to lead a socialized life.

6. To foster total development of personality.

7. To provide integrated courses in teacher education, marked and defined by value-education, global outlook, and interdisciplinary.

Our Objectives

1. To prepare committed teachers for colleges in the state of  Bihar-Jharkhand and the country.

2. To prepare highly skillful and effective teachers to teach in primary, secondary and senior secondary schools.

3. To foster an all-around training i.e. .mental, physical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual through education system.

4. To implement teachers’ education that would provide education and training to prospective teachers that aims at development of teachers.

5. To equip teachers with the competencies requisite for dealing with the issues of the choices and challenges of students.

6. To introduce innovations in the education so as to reflect India’s knowledge, robust intellectuality and inexhaustible creativity.

7. To undertake, conduct and promote programs that will enhance the highest aims of pedagogy and synthesis of knowledge-systems and internationalism.

8. To create a sensible and sensitive teacher accountable to students as well as society.